Rickard Åström

After years of research and developing, the new app MusicforMoods is launched! The app gives you specially designed music by me and shows you the effect on your heart directly.

See my Ted Talk: What if Music can heal Broken Hearts

Leading the orchestra on stage in the Musical Hair at The Gothenburg Opera


Rickard was born in Lund in the south of Sweden. Soon the family moved to Rome, Italy for a couple of years. Rickard's parents were busy with Archeological excavations together with the old King of Sweden.

Rickard started to play the piano at an age of 6 years. Took classical lessons but loved to improvise and dreamed of writing symphonies, as a 10 year old, he loved to listen to Beethoven as well as pop bands as Sweet and Slade.

Later on he started his education at the Gothenburg Musical University. When he was finished in 1988, work as a freelance musician awaited him. Tours, records, theater jobs, Tv and more have kept him busy for more than 20 years. He has been the musical director for several Musicals and Music Theater plays at The Gothenburg Opera and City Theater.

As a member of Groupa for 15 years tours brought him to India, Iceland, distant mountains in Romania and the north of Sweden. They were awarded with two Grammys for their work on record. And German record critics price, Preis der deuschen Schallplattenkritik.

Rickard loves to play when he is allowed to use his intuitive capacity. To improvise together with other musicians or other performers, like dancers, actors, and healers.


Interviewed in Times Magazine about our study about heart rates modulating in unison when singing together: Times

Watch more articles from BBC, CNN and Voice of America.

The scientific article can be found here: frontiers


Performed and lectured at Royal College of Music in London at international conference Singing and Wellbeing opened by Eric Whitacre.

Performed and composed music for patients in a scientific study. Heart rate, hormone levels, Skin Conductance etc measured. The objective is to prove that music can be healing on many levels.

Recording collaboration with Singer/songwriter Jennifer Ferguson (SA)

Working with a project with collective improvisation together with a dancer and a Light designer.

I composed and performed a brand new musical/dance performance together with Director/writer Martin Karlsson for the Gothenburg Opera. It’s not an opera, more a contemporary dance/music theater. About finding love and getting over your own obstacles. .

Performed in the musical Cabaret as Musical director during the spring. The famous musical takes place at Rondo, Göteborg after one and a half year in Stockholm, starring Multi-platina-selling artist Peter Jöback as the Master of Ceremonies.

I opened my myspace-site. meet me there and become my friend!

17-18 november 2006: Writing arrangement for the Swedish Radio Symphony orchestra for a concert in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm and broadcasted national 1 January 2007. Music from the Rocky Horror show.

In November 2006 a new album was released ”En magisk resa” = "A magical jorney" for relaxation, meditation and mental work with Eva Sundlin as author and speaker and with my music.